All men want to have powerful relief muscles of the abdominal press. Some of them – athletic addition – grind the relief of the press relatively quickly, while others – full and asthenic complexion to the coveted “squares” – go a longer way. However, everyone: both experienced athletes and beginners agree: they are “labor-intensive” muscles that require perseverance and systematic training. Of course, the ideal way to organize exercises that strengthen the abdominal press – gym, as well as specialized simulators. However, most of our compatriots, because of the limited time, prefer exercises for the press for men at home. Let’s try to tell them how to effectively build such classes.

Unfortunately, people full, having a stomach for some reason cautiously concern to working out of a press. Do not be afraid! After all, it’s just muscle. The approach to training should also be universal. It is not recommended to train daily. The recovery cycle of muscle fibers is important.

Experienced trainers recommend: achieving the result requires 3 – 4 full-fledged training. To achieve a variety of stimulation of muscle tissue, exercises for the press for men at home should preferably be grouped in two sets of 4-8 exercises. Each of them is made in three sets, and the set should include no less than 20 repetitions. (This is the “muscular corset of the abdomen,” a tenfold reduction in muscle fibers cannot get it!) Gradually, you need to increase the number of movements of the set to 50.

abdominal press


Your training is obliged to obey the universal rule of bodybuilding: the last repetitions of the set should be performed with the maximum load, overcoming fatigue. If the exercises for the press at home for men are carried out easily even at the end – this is a signal to complicate them. With a good aerobic fitness of the body, it is also recommended to shorten the rest time between sets to 1 minute. It will be more convenient for you to carry out movements using a gym mat or a karemate.

Here is an example of a home initial complex that includes four exercises


  • The first is twisting. The upper part of the rectus muscles is trained. The starting position is lying on the back. Legs of socks are fixed (at home, for example, over the sofa). The arms are crossed on the chest. Brushes on the shoulders. While bending, raise the upper part of the trunk to the touch of the elbows of the knees. Deliver, lower the trunk to its starting position. Performed three sets with a number of repetitions – from 20 times (according to the method of loads indicated above). We draw your attention that in describing the subsequent exercises, we will not mention the cycle of their implementation, implying an analogy with the foregoing.
  • The second is reverse twisting. The lower part of the rectus muscles undergo an accentuated load. The starting position is lying on the back. The legs are not fixed, hands fix the trunk, holding on to a sofa, an armchair, etc. Raising your legs, touch the knees of your chest. Then the legs fall down until they touch the heels of the floor. Practicing back twisting is actual its complication: dropping your legs down during the reverse phase of exercise, do not put them on the floor. It is more useful to leave them in the vise at the lowest possible height from it.
  • Third – oblique twisting. It develops the external and internal oblique muscles of the abdominal press. The starting position is lying on the back. The legs are bent in the knees, the lower back is pressed against the floor. Hands are brought to the head, fingers touch your neck. Opposite the elbow – the knee, turn first left – until the lower foot touches the floor, while the upper one is pressed against it. Bending the trunk, you try to elbow the knee of the right leg wound behind the head of the left arm. Then turn on your back and mirror the cycle to the right.
  • Fourth – lateral twisting. It trains the lateral muscles of the trunk. Starting position: lying on its side. The legs are bent, the position is right on the left. The left arm extends parallel to the floor and touches it with the palm of your hand. The right arm is wound behind the head. Raise the pelvis, rising on the left forearm from the floor, while the trunk is also raised and stretched along one line. Raise the arm, wound behind the head, carry on the belt. The upper point is a fixation of 2 to 3 seconds. Next – return to the starting position. The cycle is repeated mirror-right to the side.


How to independently group the complex of new exercises on the press for men at home, if the old are no longer effective? Familiarize yourself with their options by using the Internet. Select for 1 – 2 exercises for the bottom of the straight, the top of the straight, oblique, lateral muscles. Test them. Fifteenth-twentieth repetition should occur with increasing fatigue. If it does not, pick up the others.


exercises for the abdominal press


Difficulties should not arise, because there are dozens of twisting options. Therefore, do not hesitate to experiment, choose the necessary movements taking into account the actual level of your training, which ensures the maximum impact at the end of each set.
Having a horizontal bar at home provides greater opportunity to strengthen your lower abdomen. However, it is important to consider that to achieve the desired effect, you should not lift the legs. As much as possible, keep your abdomen vertical to the pelvis.

If your task is not just to strengthen the trunk, but also to burn fat and lost weight, then a weight loss plan needs to be added. This will include a special diet cardio conditioning (running, bicycling). But we will cover that in another article.

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