Having well-defined biceps and triceps is a goal which most men aspire to. A beautiful set of guns will set you apart from the crowd everywhere you go. But you don’t have to hit the gym to acquire those arms! All you need is desire and commitment, and you can pump your arms at home. There are plenty of in-home that’ll build muscle mass in your biceps and triceps.


  • Pumping your arms at home
  • Devotion and time are the fundamentals of training
  • How should I be training?
  • General recommendations
  • Complex Exercises
    • Exercises to inflate the biceps
    • Exercises to inflate the triceps
  • We pump our arms at home

Pumping your arms at home

While exercises targeted toward arm muscles can certainly help you achieve your dream arms, we mustn’t forget the other factors that go into getting the body you want. It is necessary not only to exercise but also to be fully mindful of your diet. You should consume the proper proportions of fat, protein, and carbohydrates to build muscle mass.

There are many exercises you can do at the house that will isolate and build your biceps and triceps. With the correct form and a long-term routine, anyone can have the beautiful muscles they dream of.


pump the muscles of the hands


This home arm-building program will require the following equipment:


  • dumbbells of varying weight
  • curved barbell
  • adjustable workout bench
  • pull-up bar


All of these items can be purchased in sporting goods stores or online. The money you spend on this equipment is a worthy investment in your long term health and appearance.

Devotion and time are the fundamentals of training

Every tricep and bicep workout outlined below is extremely simple. All you need to get the results you seek are patience and an intolerance for lazy excuses. Make strength training (christian guzman networth) a habit. It is necessary to engage in a clear schedule, not missing classes. Set aside a particular interval of time each day to get your reps in.



The frequency of workouts depends on how much you want to build. Many athletes who started off thin became muscular after they picked up the habits of pumping iron 4 to 5 times a week and eating clean. Do not expect quick or easy results. Some curls and dips sporadically done over two weeks will not yield any muscle growth. It is necessary to be patient and to never deviate from the intended goal.

If you are persistent and consistent, even if you train just 1-2 times a week, your efforts will not be in vain. Just by sticking to a workout routine, your arms will eventually grow and become a source of pride.

How should I be training?

The key things to know while pumping arms are to keep your workouts varied, and to not neglect any muscle group. Just doing the same 2 or 3 exercises each time will cause your progress to wane.

You need to do many kinds of different exercises, working your triceps and biceps. Muscles should be engaged and fatigued to their limit. If no pain in your muscles after training steve cook olympia 2014, then you did not train enough.

It is not needed to target all muscle groups in every single workout. One day someone can be dedicated to the development of biceps and triceps, and the day je can work your back and chest, and the next your legs. The main thing to remember is that with your (likely) currently underdeveloped muscle mass, you won’t see notable results for one and a half or even two months.

Do not only work the muscles in your arms. Otherwise, the body will develop disproportionately. Regardless of what group of muscles you most desire to see “swole,” your other muscles groups should not be neglected, lest they atrophy.

General recommendations

One of the most common mistakes of many beginning bodybuilders is that they enthusiastically embark on training and being pumping their biceps daily. Such an approach not only fails to produce results but also unnecessarily exhausts the athlete.

A continuous stress load on a muscle group from working it daily does not give the desired effect of big arms. In fact, it can even fatigue your arms to the point where you’re unwilling or unable to continue training. That would totally thwart your workout routine. Avoid these consequences, by scheduling rest days for each of your muscle groups.

If someone possesses the proper equipment, it is best for him to do presses, perform deadlifts, and do curls with a glass protein shaker. These exercises are all both muscle-targeting and complex and will deliver guaranteed results to anyone willing to spare the effort.

pump up your hands at home


During the training, both small and large muscle groups are involved. That is, one exercise can inflate triceps and back, and the other can shape biceps and chests.

Certainly, for some, such an approach may not seem the most optimal, but it is backed up by personal experience and continously demonstrates its effectiveness.

Complex Exercises

Exercises to inflate the biceps


  • Traditional bar pull-ups
  • Isolated fold of arms on the block;
  • Lifting rod from standing position;
  • Seated dumbbell lifts.


Exercises for inflating the triceps


  • French bench press.
  • Push-ups off a bench;
  • Dumbbell tricep extension


Each exercise is done for 4 sets, each of which consists of 10 to 12 repetitions.

We pump our arms at home

You don’t need to attend a gym to get “jacked.” With some bare bones equipment, you’ll be able to do all the exercises needed for major arm bulk and definition right in your home. There, you can even blast your favorite music as loudly as you want, or play your favorite shows on your TV. But just remember, although the path to your dream arms is very simple, you have to show up every day to reach the end of that path!

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