A healthy, toned body is one of the main goals of training the buttocks in the gym for girls. This priority is fully justified, because thanks to the perfect outlines, you can allow yourself to enjoy the tight-fitting clothing and the admiring glances of men, who, on an unconscious level, regard the buttocks as a fundamental factor in female attractiveness. It is proved that with the help of physical exertion, used in addition to the diet, it is possible not only to reduce the volume, but also to return the elasticity to the female buttocks. To achieve an objectively noticeable result, depending on the initial form, it can take from 2 to 4 months, provided that the training will take place every other day.

Elastic body without training – a myth?

You can buy luxurious forms like J. Lo without straining in the gym in only one way – to pay a plastic surgeon and use implants. However, there will be a trick waiting here – without a quality base (gluteus muscles), the modeling inserts can not only give out their presence as an unaesthetic cusp, but also begin to roll over, since they do not have adequate support. Even in the case of plastic surgery, no training (adapted to the condition of the owner of the implants) is indispensable.


what exercises lift your buttocks


Exercise direction

The pledge of a beautiful female figure becomes a balance between the worked muscles and the fat layer, which ensures the roundness of the forms instead of the “pumped over” male variant, when by “drying” women achieve the athletic effect of the “nut”. By the recognition of most men, attractive buttocks should still be feminine.

To get the desired result you need to work in two directions:

  • By dieting and intensive work aimed at burning excess subcutaneous fat, we achieve lower volumes. Immediately make a reservation, performing exercises for slimming the buttocks, you need to be patient, since it is the lower part of the body that is very reluctant to part with the “savings.” You may encounter the fact that your hands will lose weight, your chest will decrease. Slimming the buttocks occurs last. If you confine yourself to a diet, while having a low tone of the gluteal muscles, you can get the effect of “deflated ball”, butt will become drooping, having lost the amount of fat pad.
  • Exercises for tightening the buttocks will help restore muscle tone, and by increasing muscle mass through strength exercises will add extra volume. To fear that the addition of intensive exercises for weight loss exercises of power load will give excessive weight loss is not worth it – the complexes are performed at a different pace:
    • for burning fat – fast, intense;
    • power load – measured, unhurried work without sudden movements.

Training on the buttocks in the gym at the initial stage may involve working solely with its own weight. After strengthening the muscles is added burdening. Working with weight is complicated gradually to allow the body to adapt, but not cause overvoltage.

Complex, well-chosen exercises for the buttocks in the gym, will help to achieve the desired result – to make the body fit, return the tone, get rid of flabbiness. True, there is a small caveat, the result will depend on the anatomical features. If you have a naturally flat butt, then it’s not worth waiting for the exercises to drastically help change the shape and shape. To improve the available data is quite real.

Exercise anatomy

Buttocks are perceived by girls in the regime of weight loss as a container of fat deposits. Such an emotional approach is completely at odds with the real state of affairs. According to its structure and functionality, these muscles are similar to the deltoid ones on the shoulder and are 3 groups:

  • Small Responsible for the abduction and rotation of the thigh, abduction toward the pelvis when resting on the leg. The deepest in occurrence. More thin and flat relative to the middle muscles, but similar in structure and functioning.
  • Medium – responsible for the formation of the line of the thigh. Their work – turns, abduction of the hip and pelvic part of the body to the side with a fixed hip. The attachment goes between the iliac bone and the femur spit.
  • Big muscles. They are responsible for a stable vertical position of the body in motion, abduction and bringing the hip to the center, turning the extension to the outside in the hip joint. Consist of coarse fibers, massive and very strong. Attached to the sacral spine and tibia at the top and rear.

Effective fitness exercises for the buttocks should affect the work of all three muscle groups, which guarantees a positive and lasting effect of coveted elasticity.


exercises to make buttocks bigger


The main complex

For women, training in the gym is a crucial moment. Some are preparing for him morally, someone familiar with the sport, goes purposefully. What kind of exercises to strengthen the buttocks will be most effective in a particular case, the trainer will tell. Consultation and preparation of a training plan is the first thing that girls should do if they decide to work on the beauty of the buttocks in the gym.

The main areas of work will be:

  • Squats (independent, with weighting, normal, “plie” – with turning the knees and feet, “sumo” – squat with legs wide apart).
  • Lunges – work with its own weight, with weighting (neck, dumbbells).
  • Raising the pelvis (bridge on the shoulder blades).
  • Leaning the leg back on the simulator with the burden.

The average number of accomplishments for a person without physical training for each exercise is 3 sets of 20 repetitions. If the exercises are hard, the number of repetitions can be reduced, but you can also make 3 sets. The trainer will tell you the optimal load based on your overall physical condition.


Also effective exercises for the elasticity of the buttocks. When performing it is important to remember that the knee does not fall to the floor, and the rise is made solely by the buttocks, without connecting the hips and lower back.

The bridge on the blades

This type of exercise is performed from a prone position with knees bent. It is necessary to lift the buttocks, but without connecting the lower back. Exercises should be performed without lowering the pelvis to the floor! 3 approaches will provide high-quality study with the involvement of the back and inner thigh. When performing an exercise for the buttocks in the gym, it is important to monitor your condition and not overwork the muscles, however, when building up the mass, the overcompensation period is very important, when the final part is done with maximum load. This helps launch the muscle growth mechanism. Balance and accuracy is important.


Working out the buttocks in the gym for girls often consists of doing squats in three positions – the classic “legs shoulder width apart”, “plie” – with legs and knees apart and “sumo” – when the squat is done at the starting position “legs wider “. When performing deep squats, when going down lower than 90 ° in the knee, take care not to overload the knee joint itself. A very important rule: the knees should always be turned in the direction of the feet. Squats – the most effective exercises for the elasticity of the buttocks, repeatedly tested in practice. They help to remove excess body fat and strengthen muscles. If necessary, especially using weights, fix with a knee pad or a bandage. Such exercises for slimming the buttocks contribute not only to the disappearance of the volume.


exercises to lift and round buttocks


Leg retraction with weight

In the gym, the use of weight makes it possible to make classes more productive. Leaning the leg back using the weight when the cuff is fixed on the ankle and the thrust is performed, helps to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks in the upper part. That exercise doing Brazilian buttocks! When performing, it is not the range or height of the lift that is important, but the load and hold. Ideally, abduction is performed at a small height.

Practice shows that beautiful buttocks for girls are quite accessible. The only condition for obtaining the desired form will be methodical work and diet, which will contribute to the nutrition of muscle tissue and reduce fat. Exercises to strengthen the gluteal muscles are simple in execution, available, but require accuracy. Observe safety precautions when working with weight, excessive load can cause an increase in pressure in the pelvic floor area. The warning applies primarily to newcomers tuned to the sports blitzkrieg. With the right approach, achievement will be obvious and long lasting.

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