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Ryan Guzman, as it were, confirms the popular belief that there are no jokes with the Texas guys. Before embarking on an acting career, the guy was involved in mixed martial arts and baseball.

Сhristian Guzman fitness age

  • Height – 180 cm
  • Weight – 83.9 – 88.5 kg
  • Year of birth – 1993

Childhood and youth

You never know where to meet your soulmate. Ray Guzman, in order to find his future wife – the blue-eyed blonde Lisa, had to move from Mexico to the USA. Here in the city of Abilene on September 21, 1987, the first son of Ryan Anthony was born. Stephen was later born.

By the way, in addition to Mexican, German, French, Swedish, English and Dutch blood flows in his veins. When the oldest child was 8 years old, the parents decided to move to their mother’s homeland in Sacramento. According to the memoirs, a special atmosphere reigned in the family in childhood, created by music, salsa and fun.

He graduated from West Campus High School in 2005, then ended up at Sierra College, where he began his passion for baseball. The teenager wanted to be in the main American league and become an indispensable player of the Yankees. Unfortunately, the hand injury and subsequent surgical intervention put an end to his future career.

The guy was saved by the fact that this was not the only sport he successfully practiced – at the age of 11 the boy already had a black taekwondo belt. Ryan seriously and professionally engaged in mixed martial arts. To do this, he even soon moved to Los Angeles, but fate made a turn again – instead of a fighter of fights without rules, the new hero received a model world.

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Six months later, Guzman posed in a hot underwear photo shoot for the popular world brand Calvin Klein. He later collaborated with both Gillette and Reebok. After that, Ryan had to fend off the ridicule of fellow friends, but they, realizing that this was successful with the opposite sex, radically changed their minds and overwhelmed with questions about how to become a model. In the future, the guy does not exclude that he can return to big sport.

Personal life Guzman fitness instagram

In the winter of 2016, Hollywood again shuddered at the next news about the separation of a beautiful couple. This time,Guzman fitness instagram and Melanie Iglesias, who had been in a relationship for 3 years, became defendants in such an intimate affair.

The reason for the break was not called, but one of the versions of what happened was called by the media their mutual employment and an active work schedule, and the guy was even credited with an affair with Jay Law. Be that as it may, after the breakup, the couple even unsubscribed from each other on social networks. Learn more about Propandrol

In the fall of 2018, joyful news came from the West regarding Ryan’s personal life: he and his beloved girl, actress and fitness model Christy Ein, are preparing to become parents. On September 11, lovers did not yet know the gender of the unborn child and chose between the names of Mateo or Genevieve, and on the 25th the fans knew that there would be a boy.

He is 26 y.o.

Christian Guzman Height: 5’9

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Christian Guzman Weight: 167–193 lb.

Christian Guzman Net Worth: around $2 Million.




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Christian Guzman age is 26 yo!

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Christian Guzman net worth is around $2 million!

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