Bulgarian lunges or split squats are a complicated version of classic lunges in which a leg located on the back is placed on a bench or step. This performance technique allows you to focus the entire load on the muscles in front of the standing leg. In addition to the load, the exercise makes increased demands on coordination and will show how much you control your body. This exercise helps to give the legs and buttocks a prominent contoured shape.

In this exercise, the entire load is directed to the front leg – the back leg is designed to maintain balance, and the feeling of “burning” should be felt primarily in the front leg, especially in the quadriceps of the front leg. Due to the complex nature of the movement, it would be nice to include the Bulgarian lunges at the beginning of the workout, perhaps after a serious workout and several difficult exercises, such as traditional squats or Romanian traction.

Split Squats Muscles Worked:

  • Quadriceps is the front of the thigh.
  • Big gluteal muscles.
  • Hip biceps – back surface.
  • Stabilizers: medium and small buttocks, body muscles.

Bulgarian Split Squat Form And Technique Of Execution:

  1. Go to the bench and stand with your back to it.
  2. Take one wide step forward, and put the other on a bench on the upper part of the foot. Lower your hands along the body. This is your starting position.
  3. Keeping the body level and natural deflection in the back, sit on your working foot so that its thigh reaches parallel with the floor. The knee of this leg during the squat should not go beyond the line of the toe. The center of gravity is located in the heel of the working leg, but the sock does not come off the floor. The knee of the supporting leg freely descends.
  4. Push your heel off the floor and return to the starting position.
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Repeat the exercise 10-15 times and change your leg. Perform 3-4 sets for each side.

Bulgarian Lunges Common Mistakes

The technique for performing this exercise has its own characteristics, which are associated with the need for careful coordination of movements and maintaining balance during the squat.

Having studied typical mistakes during lunges, you can track them and hone your exercise technique to the ideal. So, the main mistakes and ways to eliminate them.

  • Curvature of the posture during the squat – watch your posture, keep your back straight;
  • The toe of the supporting leg turned outward – the toe of the supporting leg should be directed forward;
  • Too short or too long step – calculate the optimal step length, which will not allow to loose balance;
  • Performing squats is not completely – squat to the position of the supporting thigh parallel to the floor (or lower);
  • Lean forward and move the knee forward during the exercise – watch the knees, they should not go beyond the toes line.

Split squat variations: Dumbbell Split Squat

Bulgarian squats can be performed in many ways. A chair or a Swiss ball is suitable for the home workout, and as for weights – the bodyweight or dumbbell. When training in gyms, a bench for a bench press, TPX loops and other suitable supports are suitable as a support. And the load you will provide dumbbells, weights, barbell or Smith’s simulator.

Split Squat Safety And Precautions

Bulgarian squats are only suitable for people with healthy joints. After all, the entire load is shifted to one leg, to its joints and ligamentous apparatus. Injury to the joint is very easy, especially if it is no longer in order. Doing exercise is not recommended if you have varicose veins. If you still want to try, then first consult with a phlebologist.

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By incorporating a Bulgarian-style split squat into your workouts, you can effectively work out the muscles of your legs and buttocks and give your lower body a beautiful outlined shape. Listen to your feelings, just relax and do your workouts more productive every day.


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