Curves to die for, wash board abs and smoking guns. We scoured Facebook for the hottest fitness models on the planet, and we think you’ll like what we found…

16. Natalia Muntean


Natalia Muntean


15. Kiana Tom


Kiana Tom


14. Marzia Prince


Marzia Prince


13. Alicia Marie


Alicia Marie


12. Amanda Adams


Amanda Adams


11. Justine Munro


Justine Munro


10. Vanessa Rahn


Vanessa Rahn


9. Jennifer Nicole Lee


Jennifer Nicole Lee


8. Kim Dolan Leto


Kim Dolan Leto


7. Alexandra Wilson


Alexandra Wilson


6. Mindi Smith


Mindi Smith


5. Vanessa Tibb


Vanessa Tibb


4. Ashley Horner


Ashley Horner


3. Ava Cowan


Ava Cowan


2. Zoe Daly


Zoe Daly


1. Jamie Eason


Jamie Eason


While they may have scored big in the genetic lottery, it still takes a lot of effort for these ladies to look so good. These bombshells train like machines, take the right cocktail of bodybuilding supplements, and the cleanest of diets.  It seems all that hard work has more than paid off!

These are the most “favorited” fitness model pages on Facebook. Facebook did not necessarily claim that any of these models are their company’s “favorites”.

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